Longlisted! February 03 2015, 0 Comments

Not content with bang-up reviews in The Cricket Paper, The Cricketer, The Cricket Society and even BBC Countryfile magazine Christmas special, the Country House Cricketer has only gone and  got itself longlisted for the Prestigious MCC/Cricket Society book of the year award 2015!

Keeping our fingers crossed at CHC towers.

Critics Rave! October 04 2014, 0 Comments

Well, don't they always? 

Reviews, in the Cricket Society Bulletin, The Cricket Paper and The Cricketer have been singing the praises of the Country House Cricketer.

The Cricket Society called it 'a very fine book indeed', noting that 'the pictures, which are stunningly good, capture a moment in time that may not last very long', and the text as 'very accomplished', 'genuinely exciting, as games move to a climax; philosophical, as games drift away to defeat and happy to give credit to some of the quality players that flicker through the pages.' Rating it as and 'highly recommended', it concluded that 'perhaps this is still The Golden Age and even if it isn’t, then this book will help to make it seem so.'

The Cricket Paper review concluded thus: 'As well as the stories, the book is laced with handsome photography, of grounds, majestic country piles, tumbledown pavilions, players and ancient rollers, all of which tell their own stories. Your coffee table will rarely be better served.'

The Cricketer calls it 'a book that celebrates the enduring spirit of English cricket', noting of the 'excellent' photographs that 'the shot of a match on high ground in front of the seemingly sunken frontage of Penshurst Place is one of several stunners that made this reader long for summer'.


Other responses:


'Marvellous book, which is hard to put down', R, Kent

'Splendid publication', E, Surrey

'A lovely, lovely book, beautifully written and beautiful to look at', A, Bucks





The first copies ship today July 11 2014, 0 Comments

Today it begins ... poor postman ...