Black Box


A collection of short stories from the dark side, Black Box contemplates the important things in life: sex, death, impotence, storytelling and the legend of Robert Johnson. The final piece, 'a short, dark season', uses survivor narratives to draw a vivid picture of the brutal realities of the 1942 refugee crisis in Burma, when thousands died fleeing the advancing Japanese.

On Black Box:

'Langman is a fine writer. Dark yet witty, both light and profound. I found myself frequently both amused and disturbed. It’s a rare gift.' Anthony McGowan, award-winning author

'Pete Langman's stories invite you into a cold, unsettling world in which ugly things happen. His writing however is clean and perceptive; you are transported into strange minds and settings and you leave feeling like you know a bit more about the human condition.' Araminta Hall, author


'I have been known to start books and then 10 pages in lose all motivation to turn another page. Not so with Black Box. It'll keep you on your toes. Like a rich dark stew the contents of each story bubbles and spits through your mind until every available space of your imagination is filled. I know I've read a good book when I find myself thinking about it for weeks afterwards.' Karen

'It's been a few weeks since I read this one, but as another reviewer also said, my mind keeps returning to it.
Absolutely loved the short stories - wasn't too sure about the longer story at first, maybe because I liked the fact you could
get through the shorter ones in a single sitting which made them feel very self contained, but even scenes from that longer story
keep popping into my head - perhaps especially because of the source material as Pete explains in his foreword.

As a guitar player myself, I thought the Blues story was genius :)' Sanj

'It is moving, thought provoking, captivating and disturbing at times. It does uncover the dark side and brings to light the ‘shadow’ of the human psyche. I felt the pain in some of the stories. It is vivid and brilliantly written. I highly recommend it.' Anon