Slender Threads: a young person's guide to Parkinson's disease


In January 2008, Pete Langman was diagnosed with early-onset Parkinson's disease. Slender Threads is an intensely personal investigation of how it affects his past, his present and his future. It is not a book for the faint-hearted, nor one for the Oprah generation, but for those who aren't afraid to look past the platitudes and get to the heart of this disease.

on Slender Threads:

'This is, by a significant margin, the best book on Parkinson's I have ever read. Absolutely stark, brutally and uncomfortably honest. It is far from consoling, but is a tersely argued description of the human spirit under fire.'
Dr Jon Stamford, neuroscientist and PWP

'Far more than the record of one young man's journey into illness, Slender Threads raises, and attempts to answer, questions about who we are, how we know ourselves, and how far we can control our destiny. Langman chronicles his deterioration with savage honesty, refusing to sanitise the exquisite torture of knowing the horrors that lie ahead, but not when, or in what order, they will come. 'Slender Threads' is a painful read, but a valuable one – not just for anyone facing a diagnosis of early-onset PD, or who knows somebody in that predicament, but for everyone.'
Eleanor Updale, author

'Unsettling, disturbing, brilliant and bloody-minded – Pete rages against the dying of the light in these pages and delivers dispatches from the dark side with a brilliant lucidity. Truly inspirational – like nothing I have ever read before.'
Gary Lucas, Grammy-nominated rock legend



'This book should be dispensed along with the necessary drugs pertaining to the individual, of any age, who has been diagnosed with Parkinsons Disease. It is the raw account of a talented young man who could no longer explain away the odd behaviours of his body. His diagnosis came early in his life and you travel with him on the roller-coaster of emotions. I felt the pain and anguish, the anger and vexation and just when I was feeling completely wrung out I felt the strength, the fight and determination of a very brave heart.
The blurb on the back of the book sums up the contents,not for the faint hearted but read it anyway.' Paula

'Slender Threads is an incredible book. Pete writes from the heart and doesn't pull any punches in describing how his diagnosis has impacted upon him. He allows you into his private world of his thoughts and his raw emotions. It is useful for anyone diagnosed with Parkinson's disease or any other degenerative condition because Pete describes, in a brutally honest way, how it feels to travel along the trajectory to diagnosis and how the diagnosis has changed his life. This book should also be read by all health care professionals and should be a compulsory read for healthcare students, as it will help them understand what 'patient centred care' should really mean.' D. P. Evans

'This book gives an intelligent, direct and honest account of how one man reacted when diagnosed with Parkinson's. The author keeps medical detail to a minimum prefering to describe the way he felt and what he thought as he tried to adjust to the diagnosis. This book should be required reading for doctors and other professionals dealing with Parkinson's. It will be of great help to people with Parkinson's and their friends.' Alan